Holík Collection

Our process uses materials of the highest quality, handmaking, hand sewing, traditional procedures & technologies with respect to the precise glove making craft. The unique collection of fashion gloves offers traditional to progressive designs in a variety of colors in leather and suede.
A whole range of fashionable gloves is handcrafted in the Czech Republic.

Ladies’ collection

The ladies’ collection is inspired by a spirit of poetry. It is designed for bold women who like to captivate others with their distinctiveness. Through the use of lace, ribbons, and Swarovski® crystals these gloves exude femininity and sensuality.
Their whimsical colourfulness is complemented by decorative elements that add a hint of refinement. The ladies’ gloves from this collection are like a jewel that gives prominence to a woman’s natural beauty.

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Men’s collection

The men’s collection is interfused with relaxed cuts supported by a varied array of colours. Together with decorative metal embellishments, this collection is embedded in the open atmosphere of an urban environment.

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