Our process uses materials of the highest quality, handmaking, hand sewing, traditional procedures & technologies with respect to the precise glove making craft. The unique collection of fashion gloves offers traditional to progressive designs in a variety of colors in leather and suede.

Hide leathers and furs


The hide leather of the South American wild boar. This hide leather is uniquely pored, strong, sturdy and, at the same time, soft, smooth on touch and supple.


The fine carpincho hide leather comes from the skin of wild capybaras living near rivers, lakes, and swamps in South America. This carpincho fide leather is typical for its regular and distinctive pores.

Deer skin

This hide leather is soft, flexible and smooth on touch. This hide leather has its typical grain-side pattern.

Peccary and carpincho are first-class quality hide leathers considered in the glove-making industry to be the most luxurious material for making leather gloves. 
Any possible characteristic scars and seams in fair game skin hide leathers are the proof of natural material and demonstrate that the animals were wild.


The fur of lambs is processed on both sides (doubleface), which allows to turn the fur with its wool to the hand. It is produced in a broad colour scale. These furs are very soft, warm and light.


This hide leather is typical with its fine pores and pleasantness on touch. It is suitable for making gentlemen's and ladies' gloves.


Hide leather with a soft fibre structure, soft on touch.


Hide leather processed by grinding the face side by a smooth surface.


Processed back side of hides.


A grain, smooth and soft leather, for which conspicuous natural markings have been remaind. Hide leather is colored across its whole width.

Lining types


Cashmere obtained from the hide of cashmere goats is one of the most luxurious and expensive natural textiles. Products made from cashmere are very soft, warm and have a pleasant feel.


Natural silk is a protein fiber obtained from silk worms. It has a very pleasant feel.